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Survey - Accessible Employment

Mar 17, 2022

As you will know, the AES was first enacted in 2019. Since then, categories of employers have been required to comply with the stipulations of the AES. As of May 2022, all employers (with one or more employees) will be required to comply, including businesses and community organizations.

Since 2020, the Manitoba government has been required to comply with the AES, followed by Crown corporations and public sector organizations in 2021. The goals of our survey are to determine the extent to which these employers have complied with the AES; and to determine the impact of the AES, as felt by persons with disabilities.

The online survey we have prepared is completely anonymous; responses cannot be traced to IP computer addresses or other identifying information. Additionally, the survey is short—there are just a few questions to answer, with an option to provide feedback in your own words, should you wish.

The information we gather through the online survey will be used in our work, including our publicly available “report cards” of the Manitoba government’s progress toward implementing the AMA. Your contribution to this work, by completing the online survey, is valuable and appreciated.

Please complete the survey by March 25, 2022. The survey monkey has been developed in an accessible format, but if you wish to receive it in an alternative format, please contact .

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