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Disability-Related Videos

Barrier-Free Manitoba is pleased to post a selection of educational and public service videos that have been released in the United Kingdom over the last several years. All the links provided to these videos are through You Tube.

Please feel free to suggest other videos that you think we should include.

UK Disability Discrimination Commission

(The Disability Discrimination Commission was replaced by the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission which opened on 1 October 2007


The award-winning 'Talk' portrays a society in which non-disabled people are a pitied minority and disabled people lead full and active lives.
Part 1 (5:40):
Part 2 (5:07):
A Clip (abbreviated – 2:47):

Job Interview

A woman with Down's Syndrome is being interviewed for a job, and becomes hesitant when the employer has a question for her - but it's not as bad as she expects. (1:01)

Closing the Gap

'Closing the Gap' is a powerful documentary depicting the real life experiences of four people with learning disabilities and/or mental health problems in primary health care.
Part 1 (7:32):
Part 2 (8:12):


A woman has no trouble at her job in a travel agency, despite being blind. (0:41)

Nice Day

A powerful, hard-hitting commercial which highlights the daily abuse and bullying endured by people with learning disabilities (1:04)


An employer embarrassingly tries and fails to express an enlightened view when he discovers the man he is interviewing for a job has a history of depression. (1:00)


Some disabled people have little chance of living a life independently due to difficulties with the social care system. (1:03)

UK Department for Work and Pensions

Disability Discrimination: A series of post-2000 public information commercials.


A bartender in a club switches effortlessly into sign language when he realizes the woman he's trying to chat up is actually deaf. (1:01)

The Appointment

A comedy-drama from the Disability Rights Commission. The film explores how attitudes to disability and long-term health conditions can affect people's chances of getting and keeping a job. (9:31)


A chairman is patronising to one of his committee members because she walks with crutches. (1:01)


Shows how small changes in the workplace can make it a lot easier for a disabled employee to do his/her job. (1:01)

Ricky Gervais: Disability Employment (1:04)