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Accessibility Plans


One of the first compliance requirements set out under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act is the development of multi-year accessibility plans by public sector organizations. We have prepared a brief summary of these requirements (Word / PDF). The deadline for the development of these plans by large public sector bodies was December 31, 2016.

Barrier-Free Manitoba sent an email message (click here to see the message) to each of these obligated organizations on February 1, 2017 formally requesting an accessible copy of the plans they had developed. We asked that the plans be provided to us by February 28, 2017 (two months past the compliance deadline) and indicated we will be posting those we receive on our website.

The Accessibility Plans

We are pleased to post the plans that have been shared with us. The list of organizations that were required to develop accessibility plans and the plans we have received are presented based on the type of obligated organization. 

Just click on the type of organization above to see a list of all the organizations required to develop plans and to find links to the plans that we have received. We will posting plans as we receive them through to the middle of March 2017.

We are inviting other organizations which were not required to develop multi-year accessibility plans but which did so to help meet the transformative intent of The Accessibilty for Manitobans Act to send their plans to us. We will be posting these plans in the "Others" category.

If your organization has developed an accessibility plan and it is not listed, we invite you to send the plan to us at: