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BFM 4.0

Continuing to Ensure the Timely and Effective Implementation of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act

BFM 4.0 is committed to the full and timely implementation of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, including the five standards and a comprehensive and effective compliance framework. The Act requires that measures, policies, practices and other requirements needed to make significant progress towards accessibility be implemented within ten years; by 2023. In the past 6 years, only one Standard has been published (Customer Service). The four Standards remaining (Employment, Information and Communication, Built Environment, Transportation) and the compliance framework have not been released. Although concerned with the slow progress to date, BFM remains committed to bringing stakeholders together in a positive and collaborative manner to pursue the principles of access, equality, and systemic responsibility through the full and timely implementation of the Act.

BFM would like to recognize the dedication and hard work of the previous Steering Committee; David Steen, Dale Kendel, Janet Forbes, Jeannette Delong, Oly Backstrom, Marion Cooper and Jennifer Frain, and their consultant, Patrick Falconer. We will strive to continue the work that lies ahead with the same rigor and passion that you have demonstrated for the past decade.