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BFM Launches the Why So Glum Chum? Challenge

Jun 05, 2018

Patrick Falconer with a #BrokenPromise sign

At the start of Week 1 of the Broken Promise campaign, we invited supporters to TELL those in positions of power and influence about the need to take immediate action to get the implementation of the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act back on track. If you have not already done this, please sign on in support of this campaign message at:

To start Week 2, we are asking supporter to SHOW how they feel about the AMA’s promise of major progress toward full accessibility being broken.

You might feel sad (or glum). You might feel angry. You might feel frustrated. For the 200,000 Manitobans with disabilities whose basic human right to equitable access continue to be violated, it sure can’t feel good.

Take the Challenge

We encourage you to:

  • Take a selfie or have someone take a photo of you (or a group photo) showing how you feel about the slow, weak and incomplete implementation of the AMA and holding up a sign with “#BrokenPromise” printed on it.
  • Post the picture on your Twitter and/or Instagram account (if you have them) including the hashtags #BrokenPromise and #mbpoli.
  • If you have a FaceBook account, post the picture on your own timeline (please include a link to BFM’s campaign), as well as in a comment on BFM’s Facebook post at: or just click here
  • If you don’t have one of these three social media accounts, please email your picture to us ( with the understanding that we will post it in the public domain for you.

While I have no modelling expertise and capacities (and clearly no future in the industry), I have attached one such photo of me to consider as an example.

Please do this today.

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