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BFM Launches the Broken Promise Campaign

May 29, 2018

The word Broken Promise over an image of shattering glass

There have been two really critical points in our ten-year struggle to advocate for accessibility rights in Manitoba. One of them is right now.

The first critical point was leading up to 2013 passage of the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA). The AMA makes the government responsible to ensure that significant progress toward full accessibility is achieved by 2023. The great promise of the AMA is for a decade of real progress toward creating a truly inclusive province that fully respects the human rights of persons with disabilities.

Today we have reached that second critical point in our struggle. Almost half way into this decade of progress, there is clear and growing evidence that the government’s implementation of the AMA is falling well short of meeting this promise. All is not lost but major changes will be needed if the power, potential and promise of the AMA is to be realized.

It’s time to speak truth to power. It’s time to hold government to account. It’s time to demand change.

That's why BFM launched the Broken Promise campaign this morning.

Immediate action is required to get the AMA back on track. And changes are needed so that it does not fall off the tracks again.

Please join us in sending these message to the persons with lead responsibilities to implement the Act (Minister Scott Fielding) and to the person government appointed to review the Act (Ms. Theresa Harvey Pruden).

Just click here to add your name to the thousands of other Manitobans sending these messages.

And visit our webpage, our FaceBook page and our Twitter feed to get campaign updates. We also encourage you to add your own encouragement on Twitter. The campaign hashtag is #BrokenPromise


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