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BFM Rating of Provincial Performance on AMA Slips Further

May 08, 2018

Ratings change. Sometimes they improve. Sometimes, as in this case, they get worse.

Barrier-Free Manitoba's initial report card on the implementation of the AMA, released on March 1, 2018, already had government performance rated as poor or lagging relative to five of the nine basic principles for the full and timely implementation of this landmark Act.

The updated version of the report card, first distributed yesterday at a consultation BFM held with disability organizations and allied groups yesterday, adds one more lagging grade to the government's performance. This is relative to principle nine - that the implementation of the AMA:

Not diminish other legal and human rights protections.

Using the ordinal reporting system used in Manitoba schools (Grade 1 to 8), the rating for this principle has now slipped from 3 (good application) to 1 (limited application). This downgraded rating is due to concerns over the reported and proposed erosion of human rights protections in Manitoba.

As explained in the notes that follow the report card:

"It appears that wait times for the investigation of complaints lodged with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission (MHRC) have increased significantly in the recent past, with vacancies reported in key positions and nearly 20% of the MHRC’s salary budget left unspent last fiscal year. BFM also has serious concerns regarding the recently introduced Bill 24 that could prevent the Social Services Appeal Board from considering appeals based on protections enshrined in The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

We are pleased to provide links to the updated version of the report card for download (Word / PDF).

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