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Minister Releases Implementation Plan and Terms of Reference Document

Jul 23, 2017

Implementation Plan title

As required under the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA), Minister Fielding has just released his 2017-18 implementation plan for the Accessibility for Manitobans Act and the Terms of Reference for the Information and Communication Development Committee.

The 2017-18 Implementation Plan (Word / PDF) outlines the activities the government will undertakne in 2017-18 to ensure the full and timely implementation of the AMA. As in prior years, the 2017/18 Annual Plan targets the following six strategic priorities:

  1. Development and Implementation of Standards.
  2. Government and Public Sector Leadership
  3. Resource Development
  4. Training
  5. Public Awareness
  6. Compliance

This year's plan includes a number of important commitmentsand/or goals. 

The plan reconfirms the governments commitment to implement the five initial accessibility standards within its first mandate. The Minister commits, as required in the AMA, to appointing a consultant to undertake and independdent review of the implementation of the Act this year (before the end of December 2017 we hope). The plan sets that goal of having enacted the proposed accessible employment standard in regulation this year. Finally, the plan sets the goal of having the AMA's compliance framework approvided and in place by September 2017.

The Minister concludes his plan with the following comments:

"Manitoba is proud to be a leader among Canadian jurisdictions that are introducing accessibility legislation. While Manitoba was the second province to establish an accessibility law in 2013 (Ontario was first), Nova Scotia has recently become the third province to enact legislation to remove barriers. We are also aware that the Federal Government is considering introducing accessibility legislation during 2017/18.

Manitoba will work with its colleagues across the country to share best practices and strategies that will result in equal opportunities and full citizenship for all."

The Minister also released the Terms of Reference (Word / PDF) for the Accessible Information and Communications Standard Development Committee. This Committee will be responsible to develop and submit recomendations to Accessibility Advisory Council (Council) for the scope and content of this proposed standard. The purpose of the Terms of Reference is to direct and guide the Committee in carrying out its roles and responsibilities. 

In the past cases of the customer service and employment standards, the Committee's recommendations have provided the basis for the initial discussion paper that was released for public feedback by the Council. We expect that this process will be followed again for the accessible information and communicatoin standard.

Barrier-Free Manitoba has recently engaged two lawyers from Pitblado Law to work on a pro bono basis with the Public Interest Law Centre (PILC) in preparing a comparative international review of regulatory models and best practices related to this proposed standard. We will share the findings from the review with the Committee to support its work. The review will help us prepare informed comment on the work of the Committee when it is released and feedback is invited.


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