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New Government's Commitments to Speed Up Implementation of the AMA

Apr 29, 2016

As part of the Disability Matters: Vote 2016 (DMV2016) campaign, each of the major parties were asked three questions about their support and plans for the implementation of the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act.

Here are three questions and the responses from the Progressive Conservative Party:

Question: Is your party committed to the full and timely implementation of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) that was passed with all party support in December 2013?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Will your party commit to establishing standards in the following areas during the next term in office: employment, transportation, information and communication, and built environment?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What will your party do to ensure that organizations follow the standards that are developed?

Answer: The Accessibility for Manitobans Act includes provisions for the inspection and enforcement of accessibility standards, including the ability to impose penalties when appropriate; the Progressive Conservative Party is supportive of these measures.

For the party's responses to the questions posed by DMV2016 on all five priority issues, go to:

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