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Principles for Timely and Effective Implementation of the AMA

Oct 26, 2015

Based on community consultations, Barrier-Free Manitoba has established nine basic and pragmatic principles to be met the government's implementation of the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AM).

To be effective, the implementation of the AMA must:

1. Cover all disabilities.

2. Reflect a principled approach to accessibility that respects human rights enshrined in provincial, national and international law.

3. Provide for the development and enactment of mandatory and date-specific standards in all major areas related to accessibility that:

  • Apply to the governmental, private and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Provide for the prevention and systemic removal of barriers at the earliest possible date.

4. Establish, operate and report on proactive and comprehensive monitoring and enforcement of these standards.

5. Incorporate and sustain ongoing leadership roles for the disability community, as well as meaningful and timely opportunities for consultations with all persons with disabilities.

6. Be transparent and open as the law allows, including the public availability of clear, accurate, complete, relevant and timely information on both process and outcomes.

7. Provide for public accountability of progress and results.

8. Provide for the completion and publication of an inclusive and independent review of the legislation and its implementation within four years of the passage of the legislation.

9. Not diminish other legal and human rights protections.

We invite all Manitobans committed to disability and human rights to help achieve an inclusive province for all Manitobans by endorsing the call for the timely and effective implementation of the AMA based on these principles.

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