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6th Council Meeting Discussion Summary Now Posted

Feb 28, 2012

Here is what was posted.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 12:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Present: Jim Derksen (Chairperson), Judy Redmond, Karen Pirnie, Diane Scribe Niiganii, Diane Driedger, Jim Baker, Chris Summerville, Scott Jocelyn, Doug Momotiuk, John Wyndels, Andrew Donachuk

Absent (with regrets): Yvonne Peters (Vice-Chairperson), Lanny McInnes, Eileen Clarke

The Agenda, Summary of Discussions and Minutes of the Meeting on January 30 were approved by all members without changes. The Council continued its review of the Working Document.

It was suggested that the council play a role in providing “accessibility best practices” to the general public and businesses be able to seek input from the council when making investment decisions. It was also suggested that government representatives be involved in the standard development process.

It is suggested the recommendations of the council must be submitted to the Minister within a specified time period.This section should clarify the role of the Council and any committees that may serve under it.

One member advised the council that just one-third of persons with disabilities in her organizations have internet access. It is recommended that all information regarding standards and documents related to the working of the Advisory Council be made available in alternate formats upon request.

Members of the council suggested that persons making comments on a proposed standard be given more time. It should be short enough that the process moves forward, but sufficient for people/organizations to provide comment.

The Council feels that seniors should not be specifically identified to in the proposed legislation. It was agreed that the proposed legislation be designed to benefit all Manitobans.

It was suggested the representation of persons with disabilities on rural accessibility advisory committees be increased. We must be reasonable as far as expectations of these rural committees and their capacity to do what may be asked of them.

The Council is scheduled to meet again on Monday, February 27.

This summary is also available on the DIO website.

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