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Council Members Appointed

Oct 11, 2011

As part of two recent Orders in Council, the Minister of Labour and Immigration (also responsible for Persons with Disabilities) has appointed members to fill 11 of the possible 12 positions on the newly established Accessibiity Advisory Council. The appointments have also included the naming of a Chair and Vice-chair.

The membership appointments are as follows:

  • Jim Derksen (Chair)
  • Yvonne Peters (Vice-chair)
  • Diane Scribe Niiganii
  • Judy Redmond
  • Doug Momotiuk
  • Lanny McInnes
  • Chris Summerville
  • Diane Driedger
  • Jim Baker
  • Scott Jocelyn
  • Eileen Clarke

Each of the members has been appointed for a three-year terrm to continue until s/he is reappointed, the appointment is revoked or or a sucessor is appointed.

The Advisory Council has a legislated responsibility to make its initial recommendations to the Minister on accessibility legislation by no later than June 14, 2012. The government will be responsible for making the recommendations public, inviting public comment and thereafter responding and, we very much hope, introducing the type of strong and effective legislation required to be the 'leader' is has promised to be in "promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities."

With the election now over, Barrier-Free Manitoba is expecting that the Minister will soon be providing public information on:

  • The Council's Terms of Reference
  • The Council's members, their responsibilities and their backgrounds
  • The opportunities that persons affected by disabilities (as well as other concerned stakeholder groups) will have to support the Council over the next nine months.

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