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Manitobans with Disabilities Rank Frequency of Barriers

Mar 04, 2011

Six hundred persons affected by disabilities participated in Barrier-Free Manitoba's survey on the barriers they face. The survey asked about their experience with 16 different types of barriers in Manitoba. The five barriers more frequently reported relate to attitudes, finances, buildings, employment and transportation.

Bar chart of Frequency of Types of Barriers

More than two-thirds of the respondents reported that they faced attitudinal barriers on a daily basis. More than 40% reported facing the other four barriers. Indeed, all but two of the 16 barriers were reported faced by more than one-third of respondents.

The vast majority or respondents indicated that they faced mulitple barriers every day - more than six of the barriers on average. 

You can download the bar chart by clicking: files/file/Barriers2.pdf.

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