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BFM Responds to Independent Review

Apr 22, 2019


When the AMA became law in 2013, it included a call for a comprehensive review four years after its proclamation. This review was completed by Theresa Harvey-Pruden and was recently released publicly. The review identifies several concerns that Barrier Free Manitoba shares including the lack of transparency, the need for clear Terms of Reference for those writing the Standards, and the limited focus and resources for public education about the AMA.

While Barrier Free Manitoba appreciates Harvey-Pruden’s review, they also have several concerns about the report. These include: the apparent lack of consultation with persons experiencing accessibility barriers, the lack of willingness to address concerns related to the Built Environment Standard even though this is of significant public concern, the assertion that the implementation of the AMA will be cost and resource neutral; something not previously indicated, the recommendation regarding the small business exemption which will mean that nearly 95% will not be required to plan for the AMA, the lack of any meaningful suggestions for a compliance framework, and the over-reliance on Ontario’s experience with equivalent legislation.

Barrier Free Manitoba is pleased that the review provides direction for needed improvements to AMA implementation and calls on the Province to release their action plan that will address the deficits noted and fulfill the promise of an accessible Manitoba for everyone.

Read Barrier Free Manitoba's full response here (Word / PDF)

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