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BFM Releases Comparative Review of Info and Communication Standards

Dec 13, 2017

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In anticipation of the results of initial work on Manitoba's accessible information and communication standard, BFM is pleased to release a comparative review of similar standards in place in other jurisdictions.

Given the fundamental importance of and human right to equitable access to information and communication, as well as the rapid pace of technological change, this may be the most challenging standard to be developed under the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA). Accordingly, Barrier-Free Manitoba (BFM), in conjunction with the Public Interest Law Centre (PILC), retained two lawyers on a pro bono (free) egagement from Pitblado Law to prepare this comparative and independent review.

The two lawyers, Andrew Buck and Kathleen McCandless, have prepared thorough and a very thoughtful report that raises and discusses many of the critical issues that will need to be addressed by the Development Committee charged with the responsibility to develop recommendations for Manitoba's standard.

We greatly appreciate their outstanding work and we know that the report will help us and others think through many of these issues. Thank you so much Andrew and Kathleen. You have provided a very valuable public service. And thanks to PILC for the centre's continuing and expert support.

Following are links to the report:

We have shared the final report and an earlier draft with the Development Committee in an effort to support and enrich the committee's deliberations. 

We also invite you to review the Terms of Reference that Minister Fielding established for the Development Committee working to develop initial recommendations for the standard. Just click here for these as a Word file.

As with the two earlier accessibility standards under the AMA, we will be sharing information on the development of the accessible information and communication standard as this becomes available.


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